Clash of Clans Cheats and Tips

Clash of clans mod is one of the best games. Here are some tips and tricks which players can use for beating others .Players must Level up constantly – Levelling up will allow players to better their attacks and deference.

  • Removal of rocks and trees will earn some XP points.
  • Focus on defending Town Hall and Clan Castle in Clan War, as the enemy will not get three stars if they are not able to destroy the Town Hall. Place the Clan Castle close to the Town Hall as the troops inside the Castle will come out to defend the Town Hall.
  • Keep revisiting your village defense layout, especially before the preparation day ends.
  • Try to aim for the three stars when attacking, it will help your Clan win.
  • After the preparation day, player will have one whole day before the enemy attacks. Players must use this time to study and scout the enemy.
  • Watching replays of the fights will also help in planning future attacks or defences.
  • Exploit the weak points of your enemy. Balance your army in melee attack and range. Players can also use some weak or cheap units to check for traps.
  • Lure the enemy troops from outside their Clan Castle and them take them down using archers.
  • Donate high level players to Clan Castle and ask the same from your Clan members. This will help you in Town Hall defense.
  • Keeping the loot in Clan Castle will help players as the enemy that loots from here will only get limited loot.
  • Help other members of your clans if you are at a higher level.

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